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Hello and Welcome to Jac Simensen’s Novels!

I write fast moving thrillers, with characters you’ll care about and remember, and with plots that twist, turn and surprise:

-Stella Kenyon, the heroine of Black Mamba, a young, Haitian voodoo priestess who does battle with an evil, psychotic voodoo sorcerer and his cabal of twisted, influential, wealthy men.

-Doctor Nicholas Donner, a principal character in Stone the Devil, who’s either a patriotic hero or a cold blooded terrorist.

-In my lone romance, Selma’s Dowry - A Love Story , Selma Katz, who struggles to overcome her flawed physical appearance, trys to win the love of her life. be published later this year, Nila’s Babies, a paranormal thriller featuring twin baby girls and a satanic force from the beginning of time.

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